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What can you learn from a horoscope?

My horoscope on Saturday, April 11thread “focus is more about neglect than attention. It’s about placing your concentration in a small circle and ignoring everything outside of it. This is easier done for limited periods of time. Decide how long you’ll work before you...

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How Do Dreams Become Goals?

I was working from a hotel room this week and had the television on as ‘noise’ in the background. A CBS show called The Talk was airing and the actor Viola Davis was on as their guest. I was only half listening to what she was saying but this statement caught my...

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Does an apology really matter?

I write a bi-weekly article for our local paper the Brandon Sun.  They edit it once in awhile but mostly it is published as I submit it, except for last week. As I mentioned in my blog Monday past I was nominated for an award in the Leadership & Business...

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Why How You Lose Matters to Your Team

What a week - a week ago Saturday I arrived home after 5 days away to my 14+ year old dog who had appeared to have had a stroke, but as I wrote last week, he was battling vestibular disease. We suffered through the next two days under advice of a trusted vet; and then...

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When Things Might Not Be What They Seem

We have an elderly dog. His name is Fergus. He is a very good team member. He is 14.7 years old.  On Saturday I arrived home to find Fergus in distress. It appeared that he had suffered a stroke. But after helping him get comfortable and the arrival of my husband...

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Three Steps to Begin Stress Management

We were having dinner the other night and our daughter had notes written on her arms. I don't know why it bothers me, I mean she could dye her hair blue and have a Mohawk and I wouldn't care, but writing on her arms and hands bugs me. So I investigated,...

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What can Nicknames do for your Team?

LaTanya, LaBomba, LaBuick, Buick, Coach, Mescobie Duck, Sweetheart Ojibowski, Roxy, Babalouie, Tawney, Tag, Tagna… This is a list of my nicknames, but not all of them, but a lot of them.  I like nicknames. I like them because they usually stem from something...

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