My horoscope on Saturday, April 11thread “focus is more about neglect than attention. It’s about placing your concentration in a small circle and ignoring everything outside of it. This is easier done for limited periods of time. Decide how long you’ll work before you start.”

I rarely read my horoscope. I found this one, intriguing on two fronts; how they describe focus and how timely and accurate it is for my current reality. I like to write this blog, in fact, I like to do a lot of what I am doing specifically, in terms of the projects my company is managing. What I dislike is not being able to do things well, or at minimum, spend the time necessary to do my best at them and give my clients, my team or my family the attention they deserve. That is when the things I like, become less likable. I believe that is where the decision point forms. This is where we make decisions because the status quo is no longer likable, or comfortable. 

Focus is more about neglect than attention.

This perspective magnifies the other side of the definition of focus. In other words, in order to focus you must be neglectful. If you want to dedicate your attention to one thing, one person, or one moment, you must, in turn, be inattentive to other things, people, and moments. You cannot have it all. You cannot do it all, well, not at the same time. And as a project manager, I have to manage myself in my project in order to be effective.

So here I sit, about to become very neglectful as I narrow my focus onto a very large project, where I intend to do my some of my best work. My attempts to multi-manage projects, new business, current business, blogging and writing for our local newspaper all in concert with being a member of a busy blended family, has proven to make my plate too full. So I will be taking a break from writing and new business in order to provide the little plate room I have left, to my family and perhaps, my personal health. 

As Kenny Rogers said, you have to know when to hold em’ and know when to fold them. And as a leader, you have to know when to say no, when to delegate and when to defer work to a more suitable time. As a leader, you have to take care of your own plate so you can help others with theirs and, in addition, keep your own health in view.

I estimate a return to blogging this summer. I appreciate all of you for reading, commenting and sharing my blog posts.  As my horoscope predicted, this is easier done for limited periods of time. And limited, it shall be.

Blog you in a few months!