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Call Out the Good

I have been watching the Sochi 2014 Olympics quite a bit, no shocker I imagine.  I noticed how eager myself, my Facebook circle and the world really, are to share the ‘good stuff’.  The stories of the Canadian Coach that helped a Russian skier who broke a...

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Dream BIG

I heard this today ‘Dream as Big as Your God.’  And I thought, whoa, that’s big.  What a great statement.  Because in general people think of God as well, pretty big.  So I made that mean that dreams should be big, really big, maybe even bigger...

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An Uninspired Hibernation

Y'know those moments when you can feel your mood change, like the changing of the tide?  I've not been sad, but I'm not overly happy either, not as fire filled as I normally am.  I'm feeling my tide change and its a welcome opportunity to...

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It’s Always Your Move

In my early 20’s a colleague coerced me into taking a Conflict Resolution course.  He negotiated with me, saying you can take it for free, if you agree it’s worthwhile then we’ll talk about next steps.  We called him ‘Right On Russell’.  At the end of...

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Be An Olympian

I love the Olympics.  I love what they stand for, what they promote, what they create and what they produce.  I believe in Olympism as a “philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Blending sport...

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Tanya Not Tanya

A name is very important.  Your own name, what you name your child, your pet, your business, your group, your projects…it’s all very important.  Think about it, your name is all you own as a child.  So when people get it wrong or even better, when...

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We’ve already covered that I believe in God.  And this is certainly a time of year where there is more of an acceptance to have God and Jesus in your language and your life.  More people attend church and more people admit their belief in God and his son...

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