So I’ve been at this blog since July of this year, almost 6 months of writing under my belt.  This blog has proven to be one of my favourite things.  I have always enjoyed writing but this has been a surprizing gift.  I have some regular readers, some of which are far as Europe and China.  The internet is an amazing tool.  
The year in review is always a good exercise too, I send out a ‘here is what happened in LaBuick Land’ email letter to my friends and family to catch them up on our world.  I don’t know who reads it but I do know that it as well is a gift to me.  Why?  Because it causes me to reflect on the good, the bad, the challenge, the achievement, the funny and the hope.  And that makes me better because it makes me grateful. 
There are so many gifts we get in life that are not from the mall.  So many that are worth so much more than any gift card could harness.  But they are rarely the gifts we spout off about, rarely the ones we show proudly. 
In consideration of the gifts I may have neglected to show off and since it’s the giving season here are some of my gifts that I get to relive as I reflect. 
  • My blog.
  • The unsolicited gracious, uplifting and confirming feedback on my leadership from a woman I got the opportunity to lead on a project.
  • Control over my schedule.
  • Another year of marriage.
  • Seeing my husband bask in a long awaited moment with his eldest. 
  • A heartfelt thank you from my niece.
  • Getting a sweatshirt that says ‘World’s Best StepMom’ because I know she means it.
  • My website.
  • The abundance of well-wishers and believers on quitting my job to take this leap.
  • Blog readers.
  • My team.
  • Being an Auntie.
  • My faith.
  • New friends.
  • Running a race with My Sally.
  • Ah-ha moments.
  • The opportunity to pay it forward with lessons learned the hard way.
  • Seeing and sharing my friend’s good news.
  • Seeing and supporting my friends with not so good news.
  • Running back to back half marathons and hitting my goal time.
  • Some really good conversations with my Dad.
  • A few good laughs and a few honest exchanges with my Mom.

My list is not exhaustive, and I’m not sure it would ever be finite.  I am grateful for the gifts of grace, forgiveness, love, support and friendship I have been given.  Maybe my Christmas is all year long?  Maybe yours is too?

I encourage you to make your own list and to share it with people on your team; family or friends.  It’s important that people know you are grateful for their contribution in your life.  I am working at ensuring those around me see and hear my gratitude.  I promise you, the good example you will set from being kind and gracious and respectful will be the gift that comes back to you this holiday season and all year.  Everyone needs to hear how they matter.  Now, what gifts did you get and who will you tell?
And from my house to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.