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Time Flies – So What Are We Missing?

I've spent the summer on a big project that ate up a lot of my time and summer. I also just posted a picture to Facebook of my niece and I nineteen years ago – time flies.  I've heard that it seems to go faster the older you get, and I have to agree...

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What Kind of You Do You Want to Be?

You are One of Us - that’s what my client said to me at the wrap up party last night. I had decided at the onset to this contract that I wanted to work hard at being the kind of consultant that I would want to hire and have on my team. That meant being mindful of my...

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Life Lessons from a Picnic Table

My husband and I don’t see eye to eye on everything.  Shocking, I know.  And early on in our marriage we learned a significant lesson.We bought a house together that has a nicely landscaped backyard.  Neither on of us had any patio furniture but we felt...

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