The more Leaders (note the capital L) I encounter the more leaders (note the small l) I see concerned about offending people or having people not like them which directly influences their behaviour and their decisions.
I believe it’s perfectly okay for people not to like you. I think as a Leader (capital L) you will have to do things or say things that some people on your team or in your organization will not like – which may translate to you being unlikeable for period of time. I don’t think this is something to lose sleep over, in fact if you are never ruffling anyone’s feathers what is it that you are actually neglecting? Because let’s face it, in life and in work it is virtually impossible to not offend or irritate someone at some time on some day in some way.

Have Leaders (capital L) lost their focus? Shouldn’t our concern be about doing the right thing? I’m not saying that you wouldn’t consider the impact on your people and how to mitigate that or help them through that, I’m saying that the right thing should trump being liked all the time. I’m saying we can’t lose focus of being the Boss.
If you have considered what your motivation and intent is in making the decision, if you thought it out and came to conclude that it was in the best interest of your organization, team or family – what’s the risk if someone gets upset versus the risk of not doing what you believe to be right? Why does it matter that much if someone doesn’t like you some of the time? Aren’t there people you don’t like some of time? Does it mean they are evil, wicked and mean? Or does it mean that you didn’t agree with something they did or said or you simply, didn’t get your way?  And why is that something to avoid?
Our world and our media is full of people who are revered for taking a stand. We love to work for people who are unafraid to do the right thing, we love to follow Leaders (capital L) who won’t let bullying or poor treatment or plain old crappy behaviour interrupt a working environment. We love it when leaders become Leaders.
So what’s stopping you? Afraid of not being liked? Afraid of being in charge? Afraid of being a Leader (capital L)? Or are you content being a leader (small l)?
Stand up people, be the Boss (Big B). If you keep your collective whole; your business and team in focus the wins will outweigh the whining and the complaining which are tools and tactics; 1. Because they have worked, and 2. To manipulate your Leadership (capital L).
So which is- will you be a Leader or a leader?