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I call our family ‘The Team’. This team includes my husband, my two step-children, our dog and our cat.  They are the team.  We are the team. Everybody on the team has idiosyncrasies, particularly the animals.  Sometimes I make up words, mainly because...

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Flight Defiance

I have been flying on airplanes for the better part of my adult life.  And recently I have noticed what I would call 'flight defiance'.  Which is people not turning off their cell phones or other electronics and others budding in line ahead of their...

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Crap TV – My De-stress Method

I have loved TV since I can remember.  And although I now watch and appreciate the shows I previously scoffed at my Father for watching, it is one of my vices.  Considering the others choices I think I’ve picked well. I love crap TV.  I love TV that...

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Teadle Door Step

What the heck is Teadle Door Step?  That’s what my husband said when I used that phrase.  A phrase I grew up with that was used to describe the uneven cut of a piece of bread.  You know the ones that you cut that are not perfectly even?  That’s...

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Jack & Diane

You know those songs, the ones that remind you of your youth…and make you smile and tap your toes or move your shoulders?  One of those was Jack & Diane by John Cougar (at that time he was John Cougar) for me.  I heard it yesterday after a frustrating...

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Caledon Lake & Uncle George’s Cabin

I have been blessed in my life to have spent many a summer day at my Uncle George’s Cabin with my lifelong mate Linda.  Now I can understand how generous it was of him to let us vacation at his cabin...a lot.  My husband had a similar legacy at Caledon Lake,...

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13%; that was my mark on my first and last computer science test in University.  Yep, 13%.  A course counsellor had directed me to it after requesting a ‘beginner computer course’; admittedly it was a new language and I felt way out of my realm.  I...

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Well, I’ve had a first blog, so that makes this #2.  Second, next, not the first.  #2 is not always bad, the 2IC can be a better position that the ‘In Charge’ one, the second child, second gold medal…all perfectly good.  This #2 is a thank you, a thank...

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