Well, I’ve had a first blog, so that makes this #2.  Second, next, not the first.  #2 is not always bad, the 2IC can be a better position that the ‘In Charge’ one, the second child, second gold medal…all perfectly good. 

This #2 is a thank you, a thank you to all of you who have believed in me and supported me and helped me feel a little less crazy for taking chances to create a company that moves people and projects from good to great.

So now I’m going to name some folks, understanding the risk is in forgetting someone, and also knowing I could never list them all, but would like to highlight a few.

Ross – my 2IC (kidding); my husband, my partner and my friend.  Thank you for loving me enough to let me take this chance, for embracing change and my roller coaster life and for championing me when I was too buried in the detail to see clearly.

Piper – my 11 year old step-kid; who made me a better person by her sheer presence in my life.  She makes me think and wonder and try…and she hand-picked and gifted me with a book on my last birthday that is called “I Believe in You”.  Enough said.

My Folks – My Dad who listened, got excited and offered guidance but not advice when this whole thing came down to the decision point.  And to my Mom who silently supported me by not asking and not telling but just letting.

Linda – oh Linda, who is by far the best friend I’ve ever had, she’s my person.  She has been my friend, my closest friend for 40 years, and I am grateful for always having a place to hide or land or laugh.  She has not once asked why only why not and when?    

Ketchup – who put in hours of work with no complaint and who is the Jedi Night of my ‘Look’.  I am forever grateful that you chose to use your gift to help me with my gift.  Thank you thank you thank you for being so gracious with your time and talent. 

Kathy – who edited my words, always made time and offered encouragement.  Who 100% believed in me and my vision, never made me feel foolish and always made me feel loved.

The Tinley’s – both of whom matter a great deal to me and both of whom seem to remind me of who I am without even meaning too.  They define generous. 

James – who designed the website in amongst his other billion things to do and never complained, sounded frustrated or wanted to quit.  Awesome-sauce!

Bob L. – who has been a sounding board and business advisor for many years and many ideas.  Thank you so much for always making time for me and encouraging my dreams…and believing in me.

Murray – who helped me write part of ‘about the business’ on my website, who focused a vision and put structure to the idea from my ramblings.

H – who, from the start some 12 years ago, has heard me and seen me.  Who always makes me feel smart and worthy and who is a great cheerleader, not to mention teacher.

Paycheck – who has consistently shown excitement for me which gave me energy to do my own thing.  Who without reason sent me a card one day that has stuck with me for a long long time; and forced me to consider how to use my power for good. 

Ken – an old friend with a big heart who for over 20 years has been, simply, kind to me, very very kind.  Never a bad word or a hurtful action, reeks of integrity and selfless support.  Burle J

Reg & Erin – who gave me the jumping off point and the opportunity to be useful.  #grateful

God – he’s done well by me in return for not that much.  My faith has brought me here and has carried me through some tough decision making and helped me see my gifts and more importantly helped me be patient for the right path and the right time. 

Having gratitude is important.  Saying thank you doesn’t get old.  People matter.  Here we go!