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Nelson Mandela & Psychological Capital

Psychological Capital is an individuals positive psychological state of development.  And that state can be broken down into four buckets; Hope. A belief in the ability to persevere toward goals and find paths to reach them.Efficacy. The confidence that...

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Traffic Weaving

When I was 18 I moved away from home to work.  I lived in an apartment with two other girls, one I knew, one I didn’t.  Ironically, the one I didn’t know initially became a very good friend, we ended up living together for about five years.Our apartment was...

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“It’s freedom.”

"It's freedom."  That's what my friend said when I asked him why after he commented how excited he was about our By-Election today.  And I had to think about that for a minute. And he's right, its freedom.  It’s a freedom that my grandmothers only...

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The Upside

It was a challenging week emotionally, a long-time friend lost her Dad and even though she and I are no longer intertwined in each other’s lives it’s an awakening.  It’s that thing that Oprah says, every death should be a reminder to those of us left behind to...

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Things You Don’t See Coming

I started today a bit pissed off that I had fallen down as a parent, not having asked the right questions which led to a not great night for our daughter.  She is 11 and had been at a sleep over where they watched inappropriate scary movies.  I can be mad at...

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Learning to be Content

I’m feeling relatively uninspired to write today, which doesn’t happen all that often.  But it’s happening today.  I keep a list of ideas for my blog and sometimes I write them in advance when I am inspired, then publish them on Monday’s.  So here is...

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I went to see Depeche Mode this past summer, not my favourite band but I completely appreciate their longevity and talent…and firmly believe that Personal Jesus is a forever song that will appeal to generations.  At the close of the concert they did an encore,...

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Hmmm that’s what my thoughts started as last night leaving my sisters after spending Thanksgiving with her family and mine, minus my parents this year.  What was I thankful for?  Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday of the year because it’s all about...

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Bus Boys & Half Marathons

A few weeks ago I ran a half marathon with my husband.  Well, not with him, he was ahead of me, but we ran the same race and he met me at the finish line.  The night before we had dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant where we had a stupendous bus...

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