Hmmm that’s what my thoughts started as last night leaving my sisters after spending Thanksgiving with her family and mine, minus my parents this year.  What was I thankful for?  Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday of the year because it’s all about visiting, no gifts just attention on time.  Memories and good stories littered our conversations and getting caught up with my sister’s children, some grown and edging on adulthood, others in full throttle teen-dom.  I am so thankful for those moments and that time.  And like many of you I am thankful for my ‘team’ of family and friends, new challenges, decent health etc.  But this year I felt like I was missing something, what was I really thankful for?

And in the midnight hour it came to me, I am thankful for forgiveness. 

Forgiveness can make us better people.  I think in some fashion we have to learn how to forgive.  If you follow Jesus it’s a command not a suggestion, and its work.  It feels like I am challenged constantly to forgive, and I’m quite certain I present the same level of challenge.  It’s part of our jobs as human beings to forgive, to show grace and love and space to those who are in need, important to note that sometimes it’s not an obvious need.  Carrying hate or anger makes you bitter and it shows up in a lot of places.  Don’t think you keep it a secret, you wear it.  Don’t think you don’t take it to work or have it impact how you treat everybody and don’t think it doesn’t cloud your vision or interpretation of people and places and things.  Do think you can change it, do make it part of your day, do challenge yourself to step outside of your own crap and be better and do better.  Do believe it is yours to give andreceive.  Sometimes the giving is easier than the getting.

Forgiveness opens the door for me to be grateful and joy comes from gratitude, you can’t feel joy if you aren’t grateful.  Think about that for a moment. 

So on this dreary Canadian Thanksgiving Monday my prayer today is…

May we never feel the full brunt of our poor actions and decisions, may people always be willing to show us grace and forgive, and may we reciprocate tenfold, and be an example of good.  May forgiveness live in our hearts and may we always be grateful, and joyful.  Happy Thanksgiving.