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Perspective Can Close Your World

This past weekend we attended a family birthday party in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  We arrived the night before the festivities and had a dinner at the Tempo.  Yes the gas station.  I would never have chosen to eat at a gas station, never.  It's my...

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Haters and Kings.

I have worked for a lot of people in my career, mostly on short or mid-term contracts (up to a few years).  And because of that I have had exposure to multiple leaders with multiple styles.  Some good, some really good and some not good. For...

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Privilege or a Given?

I spend quite a bit of my day writing.  Writing proposals, writing sessions or workshops, writing emails, writing blogs etc.  Writing can be very cathartic and meaningful or it can be arduous.  How often do we write things, have someone misinterpret...

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Confidential Schmonfidential

So, when I think something is baloney I usually rhyme it with a ‘schm’ prefix like this ‘confidential schmonfidential’.  Or education schmeducation when someone boasts that without a University degree you won’t make it in today’s world.  I say ‘education...

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Choices Choices Choices

“Once You have experienced a thrashing and failure – even if it’s self-imposed – You have a choice; You can let it be the end of You or You can fight to come back.” - Joaquin PhoenixI don’t know about you but I have experienced a thrashing and failure by my own hand...

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She’s a Big Girl

She's a big girl, that's what they used to say to me and about me.  I think it was their way of not saying I was chubby or rather 'not small'.  In any case it sucked and it aided and abetted my own insecurities about my size and my body.  In my 20's I...

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