The inaugural blog…that’s what this is, my first ever blog on my first ever website.  Happy Blog to me!

Firsts, they can be good or they can be not so good.  I distinctly remember when I rented my first apartment for just me; no roommates, and then I bought my first set of furniture and my first TV (I still have that TV). 

I loved it; I watched Training Day on my first TV nestled into my first comfy couch eating a Domino’s Pizza (pepperoni/pineapple thin crust easy on the sauce), and it was stupendous!  It was one of the best moments I’ve had and I will never have another set of those firsts.  Like when someone other than your family tells you they ‘love you’; that’s a good first.  Or when you win your first job or get your first paycheck or speeding ticket.  Okay, that one’s not so good.   

Firsts are important and especially the firsts encased in ‘you earned it mentality’, the ones where you saved your money to buy a car or a house or a bike or an ice cream cone.  The satisfaction and pride that comes from working and earning your own way is unrivalled.  My Dad and I have this conversation often; giving children everything robs them of the opportunity to feel that gratification and in consequence to that robs them of the vigor to do it again because they know they can. 

So, those lessons of having earned and knowing that I can, well, that is what you see here on my site in my blog…in my dreams. 

I invite you to join me as I adventure and stumble and learn and grow…and with any luck have a few more good firsts. 

Welcome to my blog!!