Our company operates as a collective of qualified individuals and companies who come together to bid sport, event, or corporate work. Our structure allows us to collaborate with subject matter experts when required to suit the project or the initiative. This translates to reduced overhead costs for our clients.

Our team has a synchronicity and multi-industry acumen that puts us into the high performing category; we function at an elite level because each contributor understands their role, their strengths, and their talents. More importantly, we understand how to use those gifts to contribute to your business or organization’s collective goal. Your project or company initiative will be welldesigned, wellmanaged, wellproduced and wellaccomplished.

We are dreamers.  We are drivers. We are deliverers.

I am my best work - a series of road maps, reports, recipes, doodles, and prayers from the front lines.
- Audre Lorde

Loves the colour orange, takes her water bottle everywhere, and has a food rule of - ‘‘if I meet it - I can’t eat it.’ Plus she loves people, and believes her team is chalked full of the beautiful ones.

Tanya LaBuick

Project Director & Principal

Tanya LaBuick

Tanya hails from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada; a small town located in the prairie region. She spent summers at the lake and travelling by train to the west coast, and winters in the snow – shovelling, tobogganing, skating and watching her mother play broomball. Her life has always been about diversity.

Tanya is the Principal Consultant and Owner of LaBuick & Co., a boutique firm that provides projects, companies, and people Olympic level expertise with a team of individuals who like to work hard, like their work, and like each other.

She has over 20 years’ experience in strategy development, project management, and program implementation. Tanya is a globally certified project manager, trained leadership facilitator, and certified business coach. Her career history is peppered with high-profile clients for large-scale MEGA events, including five Olympic & Paralympic Games, several Super Bowls, two FIFA Women’s World Cups, and a substantial list of national, regional and local projects. She is also a regular columnist for her local paper and writes a biweekly blog on life, leadership, and the Canadian way.

Tanya is most known for being fair, being resourceful and being there. Her network is vast and her commitment to excellence is unwavering. She is a focused leader who builds high-performance multi-functional teams who deliver excellent results. She has immense respect for sport, business, and people. Tanya believes in passion and performance, kindness and loyalty. She also believes peanut butter M&Ms and purple pens are the keys to happiness.

The Team


Jason lives 100% in the present. His loves include raspberries, wine, and teen fiction. Seriously, ask him about Twilight.

Jason X Esteban


Jackie spends her free time designing for fun, doodling, and taking photos. She loves music and is crazy about traveling. Her super power is effective peer pressure — which she only uses for good.

Jackie Boucher


Angie loves meat, I know that sounds weird but she really is a meat-aficionado. And oddly, highly skilled at clicking her heels. She is also smart, kind, hardworking and exceptionally skilled at managing many moving pieces.

Angie Hebert

Master Coordinator

Kenji is everyone's best friend. And boy can he dance, and bring people together, and promote happiness.

Kenji Rodriguez

Motion Graphic Artist

Caroline will absolutely surprise you - she loves hiking and can’t tolerate coffee. She has also DJ’d for Manchester United and doesn’t have one selfie with Beckham to prove it.

Caroline Thompson

Workforce Development Specialist

They call him Mister James. He is one of the smartest people we know. He may also believe he created the word awesomesauce - it's ok, we like that he takes ownership.

James Chambers

The IT Guy