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Rule Breakers – Whose Fault Is It?

I was thinking about rearing children the other day and today Canada AM had a Parent Panel discussing underage drinking in terms of what is permissible.  I agreed with the police officer on the panel who said that how will kids know which laws they can break and...

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The Golden Rule

The ethic of reciprocity or the Golden Rule which in essence states that we should treat others as we would like to be treated, or to not treat others in ways that we would not like to be treated sometimes known as the Silver Rule.It seems pretty simple, treat others...

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Rewards & Recognition Are Not Dirty Words

About a year and a half ago I boarded a plane to have dinner with a guy who I was introduced to for potential work with a large event.  I made that leap to spend that money and have that dinner because I believed that it was worth it for me and for my next career...

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