Admire the Discipline of the Remarkable

What makes someone remarkable?   The dictionary says it is ‘worthy of notice or attention’.   And to be considered remarkable, well, I assume that would be a compliment.  And I imagine, it is also something that sets you apart from the rest of the group.  For example, ‘her resilience was remarkable’. 
That brings me to what I think it may mean in the context of my world.  I find someone or something remarkable when what they do or how they do something feels unreachable for me, something I do not believe I can do based on my mental or physical capabilities. 
I can also see that some of what’s remarkable is based on people being placed in extraordinary circumstances where remarkable may be the difference between life and death.  So what if we are all designed to be remarkable, and we just need the opportunity?
Is remarkable special?  No I don’t think so.
Is it outside ‘normal’?  Define normal?
Last week I attended a speaking engagement and heard Spencer West.  Spencer is a motivational speaker with the Me to We Organization.  He also recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.   Important to note that Spencer doesn’t have legs.  Yep, no legs, climbed a mountain on his hands, in his chair and on the back of his friends, who I imagine are more like brothers.  To me Spencer is remarkable. 
But Spencer isn’t only remarkable because he climbed a mountain without the assistance of legs.  Spencer is remarkable because he doesn’t see himself as anything else than an equal.  It’s his mindset that is remarkable.  I mean think about it, he had and has a fantastic opportunity for excuses.  Lots and lots of excuses.  But instead he motivates and he educates and changes your view of the world and yourself.  And at least for me, he made me think long about feeling challenged.  I mean there are days when I think, ‘why is nothing going my way?’ ‘What am I missing?’ ‘Where am I headed?’  ‘Why is this so hard?’  And after seeing Spencer I am now asking ‘Do I know what hard looks like?’ ‘How can I be remarkable?’

It feels easy to slide into negative thought patterns and beat myself up about work or running or being a Step Mom or …or…it feels far easier than being happy with where I am and what I am doing or what I have done or what I am facing. 
Giving in to that little voice in my head, y’know the one, the one that tempts you and coerces you and then berates you for giving in the temptation and coercion?  That’s right, that voice is not on your side.  That voice would not do you any good climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro.  That voice will never do you any good. 
I believe if you want to be remarkable you have to do a few things.  One; you have to believe in yourself, all of yourself, not just the parts you like or you think other people like.  Two; you have to create or be open to the opportunity.  Three; you need to drown out that voice in your head and replace it with a coach that is supportive, encouraging and self-loving.  Four; you have to be disciplined. 
We admire the discipline of the remarkable because discipline is part of what makes them remarkable.  And I think we admire discipline because it’s always elusive so when someone can focus and guide that determination into discipline, well, we remark.  And we remark because its worthy of our attention. 

I believe we can all be remarkable.  I believe we all know something about ourselves that with some discipline could be remarkable.  I believe there is all kinds of remarkable out there waiting for the opportunity.  Waiting for our discipline, waiting for us.  
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