Crap TV – My De-stress Method

I have loved TV since I can remember.  And although I now watch and appreciate the shows I previously scoffed at my Father for watching, it is one of my vices.  Considering the others choices I think I’ve picked well.

I love crap TV.  I love TV that really gives you nothing in return for your time except a fabulous opportunity to check out of your life. For this reason I love the Young & the Restless.  I PVR that sucker faithfully.  Why?  Because it’s a chance for me to just let my brain relax, my hamster to rest and essentially to decompress from whatever I am currently mulling over in the old melon.  Crap TV is the best avenue to put me to sleep, help me find peace and balance.  Not to mention a good review of my own value system.  In our world where stress is a continuum how best do you recharge your batteries?  How far into your stress do you get before you realize you need a break.  What are your options and what are you ‘go to methods?’  Being able to identify that you need a break, what that break needs to look like and then creating that opportunity for your break is essential to good health and good leadership.
Sometimes I just need some space, crap TV affords me that…and I am grateful.  Space makes me better; space helps my perspective and my tolerance.  Space is my break.  Create it, carve it, continue it…

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