13%; that was my mark on my first and last computer science test in University. 

Yep, 13%.  A course counsellor had directed me to it after requesting a ‘beginner computer course’; admittedly it was a new language and I felt way out of my realm.  I attended every class and took notes that I couldn’t understand.  And then I got 13%, which sent me immediately back to the counsellors door where she apologized profusely for misdirecting me.  The introduction to code course was a very different introduction to computers.  That ended my computer career in University. 
Even then I could laugh about it because that 13% told me for absolute sure that I was in the wrong place.  And that is not a bad thing.  In fact it was the best thing, because my next choice ended up being a medical ethics debate course which I loved and flourished in, so it’s not always about losing, maybe it’s about the opposite.  When you get your 13%, take a look at where you went wrong and seek out the place where your other 87% lies.  We are not meant to be good at everything; life’s 13%’s show us that in very clear language, no translation required. 
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